How to Post an Ad

To post an ad on the website, start by clicking “Post an Ad”:

You will be prompted to login. Enter your username and password and click “Login”:

From the dropdown menu select the Category you would like to post your ad in:

Enter the listing details, including the Title, Price, Description, etc:

Please note: entering the street and city name is optional, but entering at least the city name is recommended. Also, you can list your name and phone number in the item description if you would like to, but remember that this information is visible to everybody on the Internet.

To add images of the item, click on “Add images”. You can add up to 6 images per ad and each image must be smaller than 1MB in size:

On the “Image” window, click on “Upload”:

Navigate to the file location on your computer where the pictures are stored (for example, in the “Pictures” or “Downloads” folder). Click on the picture you want to upload and then click “Open”. Repeat for each picture:

After uploading the pictures of your item you will be prompted to “Review Your Listing”:

If all the details are correct, click on the red “Continue” button:

You will see the “Ad Listing Received” screen, and you are finished. If you would like to view your listing click the “View your new ad listing” button:

After completing the ad you can post another ad or logout.