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Ads (2)

Ads will be active for 90 days. After 90 days the ad will be automatically removed from the site, but you are welcome to re-list the item if it did not sell.
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If somebody is interested in an item you have for sale, they can click the “Contact Owner” button to the right of your ad listing:

The buyer will enter their name, email, and a message and click “Send Inquiry.” The information will be forwarded to you at your email address.

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Seller Accounts (3)

Any residents or small businesses of Hillsboro, New Mexico and the surrounding areas within 35 miles of Hillsboro can have a seller account. This restriction is to keep the website easy to use and to prevent potential scams or fraudulent listings.

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Residents of Hillsboro and Kingston, NM can request a seller’s account at no charge. For all others the cost is $20 per year.

Category: Seller Accounts

Please send an email to to request an account. Please include your name, email address, the city or town you live in, and a general estimate of how many ads you will be posting in a year. The website is designed for individuals and small local businesses, not for large commercial enterprises. Excessive numbers of ads (for example, in the hundreds per year) will be reason for possible rejection or cancellation of your account. The site administrators retain sole rights to determine if a seller account is posting excessive ads.

Residents of Hillsboro and Kingston, NM can request a seller account at no charge. For all others, the cost for a seller account is $20 per year, payable in cash, check, or money order/cashier’s check. The annual fee must be paid before your account is setup. After the fee is paid you will be sent a username and password and may begin posting ads.

The annual fee includes unlimited ads on the website.

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